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“Gill’s is legendary – never had a bad grinder, love the salads too! Gill’s girls are wonderful and sweet!”

Albert from Rutland, VT


“Best grinders around! Love the rolls! Great people! We’ve been coming to Gill’s for 40 years!”

Jill & David from Danby, VT


"I’ve been coming to Gill’s for 25 years! They know my order by my voice when I call!”

Kim from Castleton, VT


"Game from Virginia to get a Gill's grinder."

Terry from Gloucester, VA


"My sister mailed us Gill's when we lived in Illinois. We were desperate for our Gill's fix."

Carol from Brandon, VT


"We stop at Gill's once a year on our trip to New York from Maine. Gill's is always part of the trip We love the shredded cabbage and the fresh baked homemade bread!"

Kendra from Whitefield, ME


"My favorite is hot meats with everything. Gill's is a piece of the Real Vermont that never lets me down!"

Claire from Manchester, VT


"The food is always fresh. Specially made to our liking. Always stand by their products. The staff is very friendly and pleasant!"

Jesse from W. Rutland, VT


"I come from Burlington just to buy Gill's!"

Dylan  from B. Town, VT


"The food is great. The homemade bread is fantastic and everyone is so friendly!"

Dave from Mendon, VT


"It's so good!! Best place to buy a sub in Rutland!"

Courtney from Rutland, VT


"Love the Hot Italian, YUMMY! Kathy Phillips is awesome"

Tammy from Rutland, VT


“WOW 50 years! We love the grinders and fresh rolls! Consistent!”

Dave the Mayor from Rutland


“Hot Italian is my favorite, been coming here for 40 years!”

Mike from Waco, KY


“I have become quite a regular customer so much in fact that if I don’t come in on my regular day, the staff worries. They consistently provide quality products and genuine customer relationships!”

Sharon from Pittsford, VT


“My wife and I will be married 28 years in October. We used to come to Gill’s for lunch when we first started going out...and we’re still together and we've been eating at Gill’s almost every Friday night all this time!”

Guy from Bomoseen, VT


"Best grinders around, in Quick and out Quick! You have always been there to support us during storms and other events!"

Chris from Mendon


"I have been coming to Gill's for over 40 years because the grinders are ALWAYS fresh, have a great taste and the staff are ALWAYS friendly."

Chuck from Clarendon


"Gill's is a very friendly customer service oriented deli. They will accommodate you in any way possible. Best deli I have ever been to!"

Mike  from Proctor


"Best Place...our "Date-nite!" Been coming to Gill's for 20 years, love the grinders and the Gill's Gals!"

Ellen from Manchester

Special THANKS to all who shared and continue to share their sentiments!